On the IBM i for Robot Schedule

Start at the Job Schedule List panel for Robot Schedule on the IBM i. Enter option 7 next to the REACT job to go to the Reactive Jobs panel.  On the Reactive Jobs panel, enter option 1 next to the prerequisite job to insert a prerequisite job status. Enter a 1 to select B - Blank Status when the Prompt Options window displays.

A second way to do this is to go to a command line, type ROBOTLIB/RBTCLRDEP to clear prerequisite completion statuses for either all reactive jobs or one specific Robot Schedule job. Note: Be cautious when using this option. Selecting the *ALL option will remove all statuses!

In the Robot Schedule Explorer

In the Robot Schedule Explorer, double-click the job to open the job’s properties. Click the Reactivity tab, right-click the prerequisite job, and select Insert Status. Then, select B-Blank Status.

Another option in the Explorer is to right-click the reactive job and select Prerequisite Status. From the Prerequisite Job Status window, right-click the prerequisite job and select Insert Status.  Then, select B-Blank Status.


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