When you start WinView/400 95/NT, you get a GPF and a Dr Watson error. Reinstalling WinView/400 works for about a week before the problem recurs.


Most likely, you installed additional software after installing WinView/400, and now the Visual Basic 5.0 runtime file MSVBVM50.DLL that was installed with NT Service Pack 4.0 has the wrong version.
  1. Rename the current MSVBVM50.DLL file.
  2. Reinstall the Visual Basic 5.0 runtime files to install the MSVBVM50.DLL for WinView/400, which is Version: 5.00.4319 (SP2) Modified Date: 7/19/97.
If the solution above does not resolve the problem, check the version numbers of the following files. If the version is 6.00, they were probably installed by Visual Basic 6.0 or NT Service Pack 4.0:
These files should be upwardly compatible from version 5.00, but if you are still having problems, try replacing them with versions from Visual Basic 5.0, as well.
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