The following are the Sequel Data Warehouse (RODIN) replication requirements for Mimix and similar utilities.

Environment Libraries

Each Environment consists of multiple libraries with names usually commencing &envRDN, or &envMST where &env is the environment name.

However, some libraries may have user-defined names, so there is not always a standard list of library names to replicate for an environment.

To identify the installed environments, use a profile with *ALLOBJ authority and enter command RODIN at any command line. The list of installed environments will be displayed.

Do the following for each environment that is to be replicated:

  • Select Option 1 to go to the menu for the environment.
  • Select menu item 15. The following panel will display:

The displayed libraries should always be replicated.

Further Notes:

  • Journal Receiver Library &envRDNJRN is not listed above and should also be replicated.
  • The environment Export Library &envRDNEXP is not in the above list. It is not usually necessary to replicate it, but it can be included.
  • Libraries named &envRDNWnn (where nn is a number 01 through 09) rarely exist. These should not be replicated. They are work libraries used for parallel processing, and will be automatically created on the backup system if needed.

Other libraries not related to a specific environment


Where xx is the release level. For instance if your current release is 8.2.xx the library name will be R82RDNINS.

If you have environments at different release levels (e.g. 8.1.xx and 8.2.xx), you will have libraries R81RDNINS and R82RDNINS.


Note: If you are replicating to a backup system where you have a License for Sequel Data Warehouse, you should NOT replicate file RDHTFK in this library, as this will cause the license information on the backup system to be overwritten. If you do not have a License for the backup system, it is not necessary to exclude this file. (In this case you will need to obtain a temporary license key to use the software on the backup system).

IFS Objects

Replicate IFS folder /rodin_dw and all sub-folders.

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