The following steps can be used to manually download an AS/400 report via FTP. This should allow you to determine if the report can be manually downloaded with WinSpool/400.

Here's how WinSpool/400 TCP/IP version currently works:
We currently create the temporary data files with the default IGCDTA parameter which is probably defaulting to *NO. Then we use CPYSPLF to copy the report and then FTP to transfer the file to the PC.

Downloading a Test Report

  1. Create a temporary file called SPOOL in library QGPL with the IGCDTA parm set to *YES. Make the record length 1000 bytes.
  2. Copy a spool file to file SPOOL using the CPYSPLF command if that will work.
    Note: Sometimes DBCS files will not copy correctly with CPYSPLF.
  3. Manually download the file to the PC using PC based FTP.
    Note: If you don't know how to use FTP, contact RJS for instructions on downloading files via FTP.
If this manual process works and the output looks good, then we can work with you to modify the WinSpool/400 process to handle the DBCS or special font files.
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