In Email Report Server/400 version 1.71 and above, you can use the ERSDUPSPL command to:
  • Duplicate reports from one output queue to another.
  • Set To email addresses for the reports. 
This command is useful when you want to queue reports for processing, but you still want to control the email addresses from your own iSeries applications.
The following examples show you how to use ERSDUPSPL:
Note: Both examples duplicate the report in an output queue ERSPDF that was created for PDF documents. Create a new output queue for each file format you are emailing - such as PDF, RTF, or HTML - and send reports to the corresponding output queue for conversion and emailing.

Use the following syntax:

  • Begin a list of multiple To email addresses with MAILTO:.
  • Separate multiple To email addresses with a semicolon (;).
  • End a list of multiple To email addresses with a tilde (~).
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