Problem Statement:

How to monitor what iSeries jobs are invoked when a Showcase Query request is submitted to the iSeries.

  1. What iSeries jobs are invoked when a Showcase Query request is submitted.
  2. How to monitor these jobs to capture run-time statistics.


A user exit program will accomplish some of these options:

  • ShowCase supports the PCSACC exit program on the CHGNETA command.
  • ShowCase does support *REGFAC, but if the PCSACC value is set to *REGFAC the user will need to run the ADDEXITPGM command with SC_QUERY_ROW_SEC for the Exit point parameter and SCRS0100 for the Exit point format parameter to use User Exit Programs.
  • A user exit program can be specified on the iSeries to accept or reject a request before the function is actually carried out. This allows for additional user-defined security not provided by the iSeries or ShowCase Warehouse Manager.
  • Specify the user exit program name on the PC Support Request Access (PCSACC) parameter of the iSeries change network attributes (CHGNETA) command.


Ref#: 1475869





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