These instructions show you how to set up iSeries Office Integrator on a Windows terminal server. Because a Windows terminal server runs multiple users on the same PC and iSeries Office Integrator PC Component usually uses TCP/IP port 21 for each program instance, you need to set up iSeries Office Integrator PC Component individually for each user.
  1. Install iSeries Office Integrator PC component version 1.1.56 or above on the terminal server.
  2. Create a new file of any type in C:\Program Files\RJSOFFICE and rename it RJSOFFICE.SHR. This puts iSeries Office Integrator in shared-user mode. Now when each new user open iSeries Office Integrator PC Component, an INI file will be created in C:\Progam Files\RJSOFFICE with their name.

    For example: If the user name is Joe, the following INI file is created: C:\Program Files\RJSOFFICE\joe.ini.

    Note: Make sure that all users have read and write access to C:\Program Files\RJSOFFICE or the INI files will not be automatically created. Alternatively, the Windows system administrator can manually create each INI file.

  3. For each user:
    1. Open iSeries Office Integrator PC Component.
    2. Go to File > Settings.
    3. Choose a different port for each user, starting with 21000. You can use any starting IP from 1-64000.

      Note: You can also manually change each user's port number in their INI file in C:\Program Files\RJSOFFICE.

      Note: Each user must have a distinct TCP/IP port, and you must include this port number in the OFCUSR00 table in the RJSOFFICE library in step 4.

  4. Add the users' port numbers to the iSeries:
    1. On the iSeries, type:


    2. Choose 41. Edit TCP/IP Port Info for Users - (OFCUSR00).
    3. Add each user's iSeries user ID to this table along with the TCP/IP port you assigned them for iSeries Office Integrator PC Component in step 3.

      Note: The user IDs are case sensitive.

    4. Make sure Enabled is set to Y.
  5. Choose 42. Edit Terminal Server List - (OFCTSVR00) and add the terminal server's IP addresses to the RJSOFFICE table.

    If a request comes to RJSOFFICE from one of these IP addresses, it will check the OFCUSR00 table for an associated record.

Now when each user opens iSeries Office Integrator PC Component, it will use the selected TCP/IP port to monitor incoming calls from the iSeries. Also, the OFCRUNPC command on the iSeries will know which TCP/IP port to talk to for each iSeries user.

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