How to Update Your Software

  1. Stop the InterMapper service - On Mac or Windows, open the InterMapper Control Center and click Stop. On Linux, enter the following:
      sudo /etc/init.d/intermapperd stop
  2. Back up the Intermapper Settings folder - (recommended but optional) The Intermapper Settings folder may use significant disk space from accumulated log files and chart data, so a complete backup of could require substantial time to complete. If you don't wish to back up the entire folder, Fortra recommends you back up the Maps folder and the Preferences file. Both are located in the Intermapper Settings folder, located as follows:
     Windows: C:\ProgramData\InterMapper\InterMapper Settings 
     Linux: As specified in intermapperd.conf (Usually /var/local/InterMapper_Settings/)
     Mac OS: As specified in /etc/intermapperd.conf (Usually /Library/Application Support/InterMapper Settings/)
    Note: The InterMapper daemon or service should be stopped while copying the settings folder.
  3. Install the latest version - If you are a current user, download from the community portal. For OS-Specific instructions please refer to the Readme for your platform on the Downloads page (link below).

- You must be an Administrator to install the software.
- Before running the installer, uninstall any previous 32-bit version before installing a 64-bit version.
- The InterMapper Settings folder is compatible with the new 64-bit version, so you can back it up before you uninstall the previous version.

Download the current software version

With mobile/web access and 64-bit support, monitoring your network has never been easier. For questions about these new features, please contact Intermapper support.

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