You can use WinSpool/400 Postscript to PDF Converter with WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms Print Server to convert Postscript electronic forms to PDF and re-spool the PDF to the iSeries for emailing or archiving. To create Postscript forms, use CreatePrint or another Postscript printer driver.
  • PC:
    • Adobe Acrobat Distiller version 4.0 or above.
    • WinSpool/400 Report Download. 
    • WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms Print Server version 1.0.23 or above.
  • iSeries:
    • WinSpool/400.

Configuring WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms Print Server

To configure WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms Print Server to work with WinSpool/400 Postscript to PDF Converter:
  1. On the iSeries, if the WSPDISTILL data area does not exist in the WINSPOOL library, create it:


  2. License WinSpool/400 Postscript to PDF by using the access code and instructions you received from RJS Software.
  3. In WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms Print Server, go to File > Settings.
    1. Check Enable Postscript to PDF via Distiller.
    2. Check Enable 1024 byte command lines.
    3. Uncheck Enable Reform Report Conversion.
    4. On the Edit Output Queue List screen, for Output type for the output queue, choose PSC
    5. On the Edit Form Print Output Directory List screen, choose the following values:
      1. Print Copies: 1
      2. Spool to Output Queue: Enabled
      3. Dest Output Queue: Type the name of the output queue to spool the PDF into. 
      4. Library: Type the name of the library for the output queue.
      5. Output type: PDF

        When you run WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms Print Server and you put Postscript reports in the output queue, they are automatically downloaded and respooled to the selected output queue for mailing or archival.

Emailing Converted Postscript Reports

You can email the converted Postscript reports either natively on the iSeries with Email Report Server/400 or using a PC with WinSpool/400 Email Report Server. Both options automatically find converted Postscript reports and email them, because the reports have iSeries output-queue output priority 9 and the user defined data starts with EXT:PDF.

  • To email reports directly from the iSeries, install Email Report Server/400 version 1.67 or above.
  • To email reports with WinSpool/400 Email Report Server, install WinSpool/400 Email Report Server/400 version 3.0.74 or above.
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