Unfortunately, there isn't an API that we can use to allow you to view another user's screen, so you actually have to patch a couple of our programs to make them System State programs. The programs we have you change access System State Objects. You can't access those objects if your system security level is 40 or higher unless we patch them.

  1. At a command line, run STRSST. Sign on to SST.

  2. Choose option 1, Start a Service Tool.

  3. Choose option 4, Display/Alter/Dump.

  4. Choose option 1, Display/Alter storage.

  5. Choose option 1, Machine Interface (MI) object.

  6. Choose option 2, Program (02).

  7. Choose option 1, Find by object name and context name.

  8. In the Object name field, type PEEK110. In the Context name field, type PEEKPLUS, press Enter.

  9. At the MI Object Found PEEK110 display, press Enter.

  10. Choose option 1, Hexadecimal Alter Capable. (Display Unformatted Data (V5R1)).

  11. Change the second part of the Address field to 001050, press Enter.

    Example: change XXXXXXXXXX 000000 to XXXXXXXXXX 001050.

  12. At this point, storage location 1050 appears on the first line below the Address field. In the fourth hex column, you will find 0001XXXX (where the XXXX are any hex digits). Move the cursor down and change this to 0080XXXX.

  13. Press F11 to alter storage. A message will appear at the bottom of the display.

  14. Press F3 until you return to the System Service Tools menu.

  15. Repeat steps 2-13 using PEEK111 in step 8.

  16. Press F3 to exit System Service Tools.


If you later restore the PEEKPLUS library to your system, you will need to redo the above procedure.

If the wrong program is changed by accident (like Peek109), use the CHGPGM command and set Force Program Recreation parameter to *YES.

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