The message action item is configured against each message as follows:


  1. Sign on as ALERT.
  2. Select "DetectIT Security Audit and Detection Manager Menu".
  3. Select "Work with Message Monitor".
  4. Enter option 12 (Maintain MSGID Action item) against the required MSGID • Enter "*ITA" for the "External Interface".


  1. Navigate in tree structure to "Message Monitor" and 'double click.
  2. Find the message ID you want to send to Intruder Alert and highlight it.
  3. Select "Maintain MSGID Action Item".
  4. Enter "*ITA" for the "External Interface" and press OK.

Note: There are other parameters you can also define in the action item processing, for example tailoring the message text which is to be sent to Intruder Alert. Please see the help text for further explanations.

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