What are Shifts?

By default, 1st shift is 8 am – 5:30 pm, and 2nd shift is 5:30 pm to 8 am (overnight).

You can choose which shift you’re looking at by going to Graphs \ Options \ Shift Selection.

Changing Shifts

Actually changing what first and second shift are requires a permanent change on the green screen.

Warning: We do not recommend this as it affects the data that goes into our shift data file (MPGSHF). If you change it, be aware that it will create a discontinuity in most graphs by date. It’s not something you’ll want to change often – you’ll want to pick something and stick with it.

  1. To change the shift values issue the following command:


  2. Select Option 6

There are a handful of graphs where you can pick your own shift located under Graphs \ User Defined Shifts (\ Change Shift Times, to define your shift).

Instead of going after data in MPGSHF, these go after data in MPGINT, our interval data file. Interval data takes up more space, so we don’t save every single metric historically this way.

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