This procedure shows you how to set the From email address to be the email address of the user who created the original spool file, so that replies are sent to the appropriate inbox. This procedure requires you to use:

  • iSeries Report Splitter version 4.17 or above.
  • Email Report Server/400 version 1.83 or above.

To set the From email address to the original user ID's email address, you first use iSeries Report Splitter to save the original user ID in the spool file's user defined data. Then, you set up Email Report Server/400's address book to associate that user ID with the correct From address.
To set the From email address for an emailed document to be the original spool file's user ID:

  1. In the iSeries Report Splitter main menu, choose 21. Edit Report Distribution Settings and press 2 next to the spool-file name to set the From email address for.
  2. On the Change Report Distribution Settings page, press F13 to get to the banner page and type the following in New User Defined Data:


  3. In the Email Report Server/400 main menu, choose 30. Edit Address Book and create an entry for every user whose email address will be used as a From address:
    1. In Email Address, enter that user's From email address.
    2. In AS/400 User, enter that user's user ID for the iSeries.
  4. When you email documents with MAILSPLJ or ERSMON, in From email address, type *USERDEF.
Email Report Server uses the user ID in the user defined data to look up the From email address in the address book, and that email address will display as the From address in outgoing emails.
Note: If there is no address book entry for a user ID or RPTUSER is not in the user defined data, Email Report Server/400 uses the default setting for the From email address.
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