Job Monitors can be used to send notifications beyond just completed or failed.  They can be attached to both Robot SCHEDULE and Robot SCHEDULE Enterprise jobs.   

To add a monitor, right click on your job, and select properties.  Then select the job monitors tab.

Notifications can be sent for 3 reasons - a job overruns, it underuns, or does not start by a certain time.  Check the box to add the monitor.

There are 3 places warning messages can be sent.

  1. The job's message queue.  That way a product like Robot CONSOLE can pick it up.
  2. Send an email using a Robot ALERT device.  The device is specified under the control tab.
  3. Send a message to the network status center if this system is a node for Robot NETWORK.

Overrun and late start monitors can also terminate the job when the message is sent.

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