Robot Schedule 9 and above include Domino commands that allow you to manage your Domino servers and maintain your Domino databases from your IBM i. Using these commands, you get the benefit of the “always-running” reliability of the IBM i, while managing all your systems from one workstation—no more logging on to a separate system to manage Lotus Domino. Your operators are more efficient, productive, and have extra time for additional tasks.

Simplify Lotus Domino Management with Power and Convenience

Robot Schedule’s Domino commands are the simple and convenient solution to effectively managing Lotus Domino with minimal time and effort. The commands are feature-rich—they give your operators complete control over Lotus Domino—and offer more database maintenance options than the Lotus Notes Administrator. In addition, the processes for executing agents, archiving, deleting, and compacting databases, as well as the process for deleting attachments from database documents are streamlined with the Domino commands. There is no environment to set up. There are no hidden command options. Your operators simply set the parameters for exactly what they want and then run the command from the IBM i.

Automate Lotus Domino Management with Robot Schedule

To fully automate Domino server management and database maintenance, your operators can use the commands as part of your regular job schedule. Just imagine the time you could save if Lotus Domino was completely automated and no longer required operator intervention.

Tell Robot Schedule to run the Domino commands when it best suits your needs: daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. You can schedule Domino agents; schedule database archivals and compactions; delete entire databases; or delete attachments from old database documents, all with Robot Schedule. Let the Robot Schedule Domino commands keep your Domino servers and databases running smoothly, reliably, and error-free.

Note: Robot Schedule doesn't support Domino running in an IASP.

React Quickly to Reduce Domino Server Downtime with Robot Console

With Robot Console, the message, resource, and log management software, you can run the Robot Schedule Domino commands on an exception basis using OPerator Assistance Language (OPAL), a unique language that allows you to create message-processing procedures. Robot Console can receive, interpret, and react to your system messages, then execute the proper Domino commands for the situation.

Writing procedures in OPAL is easy and OPAL is so powerful that most message processing procedures take only a few lines of code. This type of hands-free Domino server and database control is not only cost effective and reliable, it will reduce errors and save your operators time.

And, Robot Schedule and Robot Console make a dynamic team capable of significantly decreasing your Lotus Domino server down time. When your Lotus Domino servers go down, your users are shut off from their email, calendars, critical documents, and other information. The situation is compounded when the servers are down and your operators aren’t aware of it. When your Lotus Domino servers crash, Robot Console can notify your operators and immediately run the proper Domino command to restart your servers immediately after they go down.


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