Problem Statement:

Batch processing in Showcase will only generate HEX or GRAPHIC fields in the output table. This is causing issues with applications that are expecting certain fields to be CHAR.
Running a batch query connecting to a ShowCase server writing the results to a batch table only returns the data types of graphics or hex. As a result a column defined as character (10) will not be returned as character (10) but as data type GRAPHICS when querying the result table via ShowCase Query.

Error seen in Batch Query:
Job State: The batch job failed due to a SQL error. Character conversion between CCSID 13488 and CCSID 65535 not valid


Configuration change within the showcase.cfg file is now required. The column CCSIDs in the batch query results table will then retain the CCSID of the original table and a data type used within valid CAST functions will now be honored in the batch results tables.



  1. Configuration change required, add the following line below to the Showcase.cfg file within your Showcase Server library:

  1. Use the command below to edit the Showcase.cfg file and insert the line mentioned above in Step 1 before the first stanza (e.g. [session] ):
edtf '/scserver/proddata/config/showcase.cfg'

(replace  'scserver'  with the name of your ShowCase server library)

  1. The Showcase server must be restarted after this file is edited to make the change effective.


  • Enabling this function will not permit the use of Unicode source columns in a batch query.
  • If the original columns in the batch query are Unicode (CCSID=13488), then this function must be disabled by either removing or commenting out the line, that was added above and then restarting the server. 
  • Alternately, a CAST function can be applied to the original Unicode columns to change them to a valid non-unicode CCSID. 


Ref#: 1478835





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