Occasionally, you may need to install Viewpoint without any visual clue for the user. In addition, you might want to customize the installation to avoid including unneeded program items. A normal (non-silent) setup receives the necessary input from the user in the form of responses to dialog boxes. A silent setup does not prompt the user for input—this must come from command line switch values. This install method is especially valuable for deploying and managing ViewPoint on networks with many users.

This document applies to both the silent installation and silent update of ViewPoint 11 as the same install program provides both functions. It is intended for system administrators who want to deploy ViewPoint on multiple PCs in their intranet environment without user interaction. Silent install and update is available starting with ViewPoint version 9.9.012.

It is up to each system administrator to determine how best to use Silent Install. One approach is to execute the ViewPoint setup in a Windows startup (not logon) script that runs under Admin authority for the group of computers that need ViewPoint. The startup script should ensure that the ViewPoint setup runs only once for each PC to avoid repeatedly running the same update on each startup.

Silent Install Command Syntax



Switches: (You must specify all switches and enter them as uppercase)

volume:\network path 

Specify an optional drive letter (followed by a colon) and/or the path to the ViewPoint11_Setup.exe program.


Force the install to run in silent mode.


Specify YES to create a quick launch icon or NO for no quick launch icon.


Specify YES to create a desktop icon or NO for no desktop icon.


Specify 1 to install Client Report Option or 0 to skip CRO installation.


Specify 1 to install Administrator or 0 to skip Administrator installation.


Specify 1 to install the Excel Add-in or 0 to skip Excel Add-in installation.


Specify the program installation directory. This switch must be last.
The suggested location is: C:\Program Files (x86)\ShowCase 10.



This command string installs the base product only, and creates a desktop shortcut icon. The ViewPoint setup program has been placed directly in the C: drive:


Any of the components that were not installed can be added by running the same command and setting the required switches. The following command installs the base product and the Client Report module, and creates a quick launch icon:


Note: The silent install cannot remove any previously installed items.

Silent Uninstall

This command string will uninstall ViewPoint.

“\\NETWORK PATH\uninstSEQUEL ViewPoint.EXE” /S


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