Problem Statement:

The Showcase Add-in menu for either Query does not appear within Excel.


Within the Microsoft Excel Tools Menu, add the ShowCase Query Add-Ins, by performing the steps below:

  1. Within MS Excel: Select  Tools | Add-Ins.

NOTE: This may very depending on what version of MS Office is being used.

  1. In the Add-Ins available window verify that ShowCase Query Add-In is listed.
  • If it is listed: Select "Query Add-in" and click OK. It will be added to the ShowCase Menu.
  • If it is not listed, continue to Step 3 below.
  1. Select Browse. This will open the search option.
  2. Find the file for the ShowCase Query Excel Add-ins as follows:

Using Windows XP, the Query Add-Ins file, (SCXADD32. XLL), is located at:
"C:\Program Files\ShowCase\9\bin" (by default)
Using Windows 7 (32-bit), the Query Add-Ins file, (SCXADD32. XLL), is located at:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\ShowCase\9\bin" (by default)

  1. Select the desired file and click OK and the Add-Ins list will be returned.
  2. Ensure that the Add-Ins are selected and click OK.
  3. ShowCase should now appear at the top of the Excel menu bar.


Ref#: 1475654





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