When using Microsoft Exchange for email and sending reports with SMTP and WinSpool/400 Email Report Server, you receive mail relaying errors.


Use SMTP authentication when sending email messages with Microsoft Exchange or any other SMTP server that has SMTP authentication enabled.
  • OCX Updates version 6.0 (install before installing WinSpool/400 Email Report Server version 3.0.59 or above).
  • RJS Secure SMTP API installation version 1.0.1 or above.
  • WinSpool/400 Email Report Server version 3.0.59 or above.
To enable the use of secure SMTP:
  1. In WinSpool/400 Email Report Server, go to File > Settings.
  2. Enable Use Secure SMTP Email Server.
  3. In Mail User ID, enter the email user for the SMTP authentication.
  4. In Password, enter the email user's password.
  5. Restart WinSpool/400 Email Report Server.

    When you email reports, WinSpool/400 Email Report Server will not use SMTP authentication.

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