After you have upgraded from Domino Server version 5.0 to version 6.03 on the iSeries, you get following error when you run the output queue monitor (NTSMON) in Domino Report Server/400:
Member NTS01 file NTS01 in QTEMP cleared.
CPYOKY: Report has been copied to file: /RJSTEMP/REPORT.RTF.
Adding report to database REPORTS/TLD.NSF.
Library QNOTES already exists in library list.
Library QSYS2 already exists in library list.
Data area DOM400 exists in QTEMP.
File DOMOUT in library QTEMP already exists.
File DOMOUT not created in library QTEMP.
File DOMERR in library QTEMP already exists.
File DOMERR not created in library QTEMP.
Service program QNNINAPI not found.
Error found on NTSDOMCMD command.
NTSERR: Errors occurred while copying report to Lotus Domino Database.
Errors occurred while processing spool file in NTSMONC2, use DSPJOBLOG to check for causes.


Domino Server version 6.03 and above allows the iSeries library to be named something other than QNOTES. For example: QDOMINO603. The service program QNNINAPI is part of this library.
To use NTSMON with this library:
Prerequisite: Domino Report Server/400 version 1.54 or above
  1. Find the name of the Domino Server library. For example: QDOMINO605 for Domino Server version 6.0.5.
  2. Add this library to the library list of all users who will run the NTSMON command.
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