Robot Network 12 is now available for download. See the following information for details on moving to the latest version and the new features you'll enjoy.

Robot Network 10 and 11 Users

Robot Network 11 users can now convert to version 12.

Robot Network 12 Features

Users can now create a secure connection between the IBM i system and the Robot Network GUI within Connection Properties. Here's how to create:

To enable secure connection for Robot Network, you need to set the USESECURE parameter to *YES with the commands RBNCFGHOST and RBNCFGNODE. Then, you must enable the secure connection in the Robot Network GUI. See the instructions below:

On the Host system -   

  1. Enter the command 'RBTNETLIB/RBNCFGHOST' and prompt with F4.


  2. Change the 'Use Secure Connection' parameter to *YES. Press Enter.    

On the Nodes -   

  1. Enter the command 'RBTNETLIB/RBNCFGNODE' and prompt with F4.

  2. Change the 'Use Secure Connection' parameter to *YES. Press Enter.

In the Robot Network Explorer (GUI) -   

  1. Navigate to System > Connection Properties.
  2. (For Edit of existing connection) Select your Host system in the Connection Properties list and click the Edit button. (For adding a new connection) Click the Add button.
  3. Fill out the Connection Properties as needed. Check the 'Secure via IBMi Certificate' box.

  4. Click OK. In the Connection Properties list, the value in the Secure column will change to Yes and the Certificate Expiration Date will be displayed.


For more details about this new feature, see the Implementation of Robot Secure Connections document.

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