• Added support for a "Group By" option for all index key fields. 




  • Fixed issue where values were being extracted from the wrong page when multiple pages had the same barcode.
  • Fixed issue where entering a value for Polling Interval greater than 59 would throw an error and cause the application to close.
  • Fixed missing file issue causing error message "ActiveX component can't create object: Most likely the RJS 32-Bit SMTP Mail OLE Server program .(RJSSMTP.EXE) is not loaded on the PC."
  • Fixed tab order on general settings page.


  • Added OmniPage 18 support.
  • Added Include Filter to the Edit Directory Import Settings screen. This allows only files that match the Include Filter to be processed.


8 March 2012

  1. Added error checking for RunPreProcessOCRPage and RunPostProcessOCRPage. If the functions return anything other than 0, then the image won't be processed.


  1. Added Scansoft 15 setting to settings screen.


27 August 2009

  1. Fixed issue with Error 13 at trace point 700.


25 August 2009

  1. Changed the minmum number of days to purge files that were moved to the After Processing directory from 7 days to 1 day.



  1. Changed "Enable Scansoft" setting default to 1
  2. Changed "Use Scansoft 15" setting default to 1



  1. Added code to handle .map files to map the fields to the appropriate index keys.



  1. Removed the use of machnm1.exe. A few customers were having some licensing issues.



  1. Added code for Use Daily Scheduled Times in the settings. This uses a 24 hour clock. It can not roll into the next day. If enabled this will start checking the input directories at the Start Time and it will finish it's pass and wait the specified wait time and then it will check to see if it has reached the End Time. If it has then it will not start until the Start Time is reached again.
  2. Enabled code for Shutdown Time in the settings. If a valid time other than 00:00 is entered then the Print Server will complete it's pass, wait the specified wait time and then shut down. If they stop and restart the Print Server it will shut down again at the same time the following day. This time is using a 24 hour clock.



  1. Added "Barcode on Every Page" setting at the intput directory level. This option requires each input file to contain a barcode value to be read.
  2. Added Error Directory setting. This setting is to be used with the "Barcode on Every Page" setting. If there is no barcode and the "Move Error Images to Error Directory" is enabled then pages with no barcodes will be moved there.



  1. Added page rotation at the output directory level.
  2. Fixed issue with the Remove Barcode Page setting not removing the barcode page.



  1. Added error notification. If an error occurs, an email will be sent to the email address specified.
  2. Fixed polling internval.
  3. Fixed problem with unactivated output entries still being processed.
  4. Added check for non-existant .nxp files.
  5. Added check for non-existant output directories.
  6. Added check for duplicate entries in the Directory Import Settings.



  1. Removed exit confirmation message.
  2. Added tabs to Settings screen to organize program settings.
  3. Added code to set the modified date of the file copied to the Move To directory when using the Move option in the After Processing options.
  4. Added setting to purge files that were moved to the After Processing directory older than the number of days specified in the File/Settings.



  1. Added ScanSoft version 15 support. Enable Scansoft must be set in the settings and UseScanSoft15 must be set to 1 in the .ini file
  2. Updated grid control for better functionality.
  3. Add ini switch to reload ScanSoft OCR control.
  4. Added code to show the file name being processed in the status bar on the main form.



  1. Fixed issue with main image control not being cleared after each input file.



  1. Updated LeadTools control to version 14.



  1. Added a file existance check before we load the image into the LeadTools image control just to make sure the input file still exists.
  2. Added code to reload the ScanSoft component before we load the image into the LeadTools image control to make sure there is nothing that could have a lock on the file preventing us from loading it into LeadTools and causing an error.



  1. Added error return code and any messages when we fail to load the image into the LeadTools image control.



  1. Reload ScanSoft OCR if an image could not be loaded. This will realease the problem image so it can still be moved so the user doesn't get an error 70 on the delete.



  1. On TIFF Image save, flag an error if no images exist in the temp bitmap control. This could possibly prevent a scenario where an RDX gets created, but no image file.



  1. Reverted to V1.0.7 changes because of possible problems with Nathan's logic. Checked out V1.0.9 and then did a Get on V1.0.7 so that we're back at V1.0.7 I also touched each project file by moving or changing something slightly so that Sourcegear would see all files as changed when we check back in.
  2. Turned off message box flag for RunImageZoneAnalyze by tying it to the Display Error Messages flag.
  3. Removed some of the old code not used since this program was derived from the WebDocs iSeries Batch Import program, such as CheckinDocument :-)
  4. Only increment image page count if valid image found.
  5. Do not flag any images as error. We ALWAYS want after processing to happen. NEVER let the user use "Delete After Processing". When a bad image is found, we will let it run its course, otherwise images may get out of order. It's up to the user to review the logs regularly to make sure no errors occurred and if so, they can reprocess a selected image file from the "Move After Processing" directory.
  6. Added code to check to make sure image file truly exists in the checkin directory before creating the RDX files.
  7. DO NOT allow delete after processing. If delete is selected, the entire directory entry will not be selectedand no images will be processed. We're trying to avoid image loss by saving images that may get processed incorrectly.
  8. Removed "Delete After Processing" option from grid. Still there, just invisible.
  9. In Directory List Grid, if SetReadOnly or MoveAfter selected, DeleteAfter database is always De-Selected since we're not allowing this option and it's no longer on the grid.
  10. Log files are never cleared. A new log file is created for each day. Log file name: C:\Program Files\RJSIMGBATCHIMP\RJSBATCHDOCOCRLOG-YYYYMMDD.TXT
  11. Log clear option disabled. Since there can be many log files, we disabled for now.
  12. View logs option browses log file directory. Usually same as app directory.



  1. Added ini setting to control how many files are processed before the Scansoft OCR component is reloaded. It will always reload at the begining of the process pass and then again after the specified number of files have been processed. This should help with issues after a lot of file processing.



  1. Change process so we now merge all files that match barcodes and then we so the After Processing to all the files.
  2. Added ability to move error images to defined error directory.
  3. Added more trace points to help trouble shoot errors.



  1. Added validation to process files that are from the previous day regardless of the time stamp. This way if there is an error that stops the processing all night, but files were scanned at 4pm, it won't wait until 4pm the next day to process them.



  1. Added code to release the VB Scripting module after every pass.



  1. Added setting so we don't process any files that are newer than the time set in the settings. This will prevent documents being processed that are still being scanned.



  1. Added TIFF Image Resave option for users to be able to force TIFF image files to be opened and saved via the Eastman Imaging components before being imported. Some customers may have TIFF images generated with applications where only the Eastman Imaging software seems to be able to open the TIFF files. The following settings must be enabled: Resave Tiff Images - Enabled TIFF XRes Filter - Set to 0 to resave all TIFFS. Otherwise only images with the desired X DPI resolution will be processed TIFF YRes Filter - Set to 0 to resave all TIFFS. Otherwise only images with the desired Y DPI resolution will be processed



  1. Fixed problem when *PCFILEPREFIX or *PCFILEDATE were used. Only the first value would get used, causing all keys to get set with the sames values.



  1. Remove Stamina and WebDocs DLL References



  1. Initial development
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