Review the steps below to schedule a batch query to run every day or every month.


Use the WRKJOBSCDE command to change scheduling options for queries against relational DB2 tables.

  1. Set batch options in Query to run the batch job at some time in the future
  2. Submit the job.
  3. Run AS/400 command WRKJOBSCDE
  4. Find submitted batch job and choose option 2 to change.
  5. Change parameters for desired scheduling.

For example:
To schedule a batch job to run every month on the first day of the month at 1am, set these values:

Frequency - *MONTHLY   
Schedule Date - *MONTHSTR
Schedule Day - *NONE
Schedule Time - '01:00:00'

Once the scheduled time has passed, open Query and retrieve the batch results. The query result set can then be printed, saved to a PC file,
or used on the screen. However, the results still must be manually retrieved.


Ref#: 1475495





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