The following error is thrown in the joblog when user specifies QTEMP as the library in the SQL statement when calling DBEXPXLS and converting a file to Microsoft Excel format:
Java errors 00003 occurred while exporting to Excel format. Check the joblog.
 The same error occurs when using the SMTPDB264 command to call DBEXPXLS to convert a file to Excel *XLS format. 


Because DBEXPXLS uses Java for its data conversion, the put temporary files in a temp library instead of QTEMP. The Java runtime QTEMP library is different than the actual AS/400 job library.  
For example, Create a library called RJSTEMP to contain temporary work files and move them into RJSTEMP instead of QTEMP before conversion.
This error can also occur if the database doesn't exist in the library specified.
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