Go to the Robot Schedule Job Schedule List and enter option 9 next to the appropriate job. The *ALL print file can be used to capture all related spool files produced by the Robot Schedule job OR a new print file can be set up for individual spool files. Enter a 2 next to the *ALL print file or the specific print file name to display a Recipient Selection list.

From the Report Recipients panel, press F6 to create a new recipient. Fill in the Recipient and/or Department and Location (these two fields are optional). Next, fill in the days this report is to be distributed to this recipient. Next, select the appropriate output queue, or the system this report is to be sent to, or both. A report can be sent to another platform as long as the other system has an SNA connection. Don't forget to specify the output queue and number of copies the recipient is to receive.

Two other options to use on the Report Recipients panel are option 3 to attach a banner page and/or recipient list, and option 1 to do print file overrides.



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