You get Error 00019 in Email Report Server/400. The job log says:
Sending report "10/10/05 - AS/400 Report (1 Pages)" to [email protected], [email protected] from [email protected].

Error 00019 was returned from SMTP Email API. File /RJSTEMP/SMTP10130508433600EMRPT400QSECOFR837112.TMP was found Link removed.

Errors Occurred While Sending Email. File /RJSTEMP/ERS10130508483650EMRPT400QSECOFR837112.PDF was found Link removed.

Errors occurred while emailing report. Check the job log.

Errors occurred while processing spool file in ERSMONC2, use DSPJOBLOG to check for causes.


In the user defined data, the multiple email addresses are currently formatted with the following incorrect syntax:
MAILTO: address@domain1, address@domain2~
Separate these email addresses with a semicolon, not a comma:
MAILTO: address@domain1; address@domain2~


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