The native AFP-to-PDF converter for the iSeries uses the IBM AS/400 Host Print Transform service to convert AFP reports on the iSeries to PDFs.
With some AFP printers, font ID's are stored in the iSeries report DDS definitions. You may need to set up iSeries report DDS to use the IBM AFP software fonts in IBM AFP Software Font Collection, which are available from IBM as part of the AFP utilities. When you use AFP soft fonts, the FONT keyword is replaced by FNTCHRSET in all printer DDS specificiations. If you have any questions, contact RJS Technical Support.

AS/400 Commands

Use the CPYAFPPDF command to use the native iSeries AFP-to-PDF converter to convert an AFP spool file to PDF format. The resulting file is placed into the specified file name in the iSeries IFS. The CPYAFPPDF command is in the RJSCONVERT library.
For example: To copy and convert an AFP spool file to a file named REPORT.PDF in the root IFS directory, use:
  • Spooled File Name - The name of the spool file to copy.
  • Job name - The iSeries job name for spool file.
  • User name - The iSeries user name for spool file.
  • Job number - The iSeries job number for spool file.
  • Manufacturer type and model - The printer manufacturer type and model for the host print transform. Always use *HP4.
  • WSCST Name - The iSeries workstation customization object. Always use QWPTIFFG4.
  • WSCST Library - The iSeries workstation customization library. Always use QSYS.
  • IFS output file name - Where the PDF file will be created in the IFS.
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