When opening Microsoft Excel getting error: "File is not a recognizable format".  If the spreadsheet opens, the user sees a spreadsheet with jumbled characters.  Essbase Addins won't stay.


Correct the environment path to point to the ShowCase addins (by default it is C:\Program Files\ShowCase Suite\bin) or remove the addin entirely. 

  1. In Windows NT/2000/XP go to Control Panel\System\ Environment Variables\System Variables\Path
  2. Verify that a correct path entry exists following the exact path ShowCase is installed to on this particular PC, (verify the path all the way down to SCXADD32.XLL)
  3. For Essbase, ensure the ARBORPATH environment variable is pointing to Essbase install bin folder where the addins, ESSEXCLN.XLL, exist.

Note: When editing path statement be careful not to leave an extra ; or an unwanted space between entries. It can affect how the path is used by Windows.

To remove the addin entirely:

Go to Excel and under Tools\ Addins, uncheck the ShowCase Query addin as well as the Hyperion Essbase addin.


Ref#: 1475477





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