When you attempt to connect to a remote Automate machine using the Automate Task Administrator, the connection is refused and one of the following messages is written to the output window:

  • "Connection to <machinename> refused because authentication failed."
  • "Connection to <machinename> refused because the Automate versions are incompatible."
  • "Connection to <machinename> refused because the serial code is invalid."
  • "Connection to <machinename> refused because the Automate editions are incompatible."


  1. This message can occur if the password used to connect to the remote machine is incorrect, or if an Automate 5 Task Administrator is being used to connect to an Automate 6 machine. Automate 5 clients cannot connect to Automate 6 installations, or vice versa.
  2. This message occurs if the version of Automate 6 is incompatible with the version installed on the remote machine. Automate 6 Task Administrators are guaranteed to be compatible with a remote Automate 6 Task Administrator running the same or a lesser version (for example, the Task Administrator is version 6.5 and the remote version is 6.0 would be guaranteed to work, while the opposite may not).
  3. This message occurs if the local Task Administrator serial code is incompatible or invalid with the serial code of the remote machine. This can happen if the Automate license prohibits multiple installations that use the same serial code.
  4. This message occurs if an Automate Professional License is used to connect to an Automate Plus/Ultimate or Automate Remote Agent installation. Plus/Ultimate licenses can connect to Automate Plus/Ultimate, Automate Remote Agent or Automate Professional installations, while Automate Professional licenses can connect to other Automate Professional installations only.

Applies To: Automate 5, Automate 6

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