If a report is set up to be emailed to multiple recipients and fails on one or more of the recipients, the report continues to be re-processed over and over again, resulting in some users getting multiple copies of the same report. 


Install Email Report Server/400 version 1.88 or above. 
In version 1.88 and above, there is a data area ERSERROR. If ERSERROR is set to *YES and a report is not successfully sent to all recipients, Email Report Server/400 moves the report to the RJSERROR output queue in the QUSRSYS library. Therefore, each report only gets processed once. However, you should check the Email Report Server/400 error log periodically to ensure that no email errors have occurred.  You can also check the RJSERROR output queue for reports that were not emailed to one or more recipients.
Note: The RJSERROR output queue will be created automatically during processing if it does not exist.
To set ERSERROR to *YES, use:
If you ever need to set ERSERROR back to *NO, use:
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