To  answer this question, we first need to ask "Why use an ETL Tool to build my data warehouse?"

The answer to this question is quite simple: It will save you time and money!

Many data warehouse projects have failed because the project team underestimated the scope and challenges involved. The discovery process (determining where the required data is located, understanding its nuances and developing the ETL requirements) will almost always take longer than you expected. By the time you are ready to start the project, you're probably already behind schedule. And now you are going to discover how challenging it is to build the tables and generate the load scripts etc.

An ETL tool is the only answer.

Now back to the first question: Why use Sequel Data Warehouse?

This one is easy. Sequel Data Warehouse is the only full function, native ETL tool available for IBM i (iSeries) systems. Any other ETL tool is either going to be limited in function, or non-native. While there are several very good ETL tools available for other platforms, to use them will require you to pull your DB2 for i data down to a Windows or Linux box, perform the transformations etc, and the load it back onto you IBM i.  Very inefficient and prone to errors and network issues. Sequel Data Warehouse is very comparable to these alternative (platform) tools, and for IBM i implementations is always a better choice.

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