iSeries PDF & TIFF Utilities are ready for V6R1/V7R1 of i5/OS, starting with version 1.01



Fixed problem with TIFFSPLIT command. Was splitting correctly, but throwing error. There was an invalid reference to RJSDEVLIB in the creation of temp files for TIFFSPLIT.



Converted TIFAPPENC and TIFF2PDFC to OPM CL instead of ILE. Converted PDFCOUNTC to OPM CL instead of ILE.

Customer was getting random errors. We have had issues where when using an ILE program with PASE calls, CL program memory gets randomly corrupted. Works fine when commands compiled as OPM.



Added TIFFAPPEND command for merging black and white TIFF images.



Added PDFAPPENDW command to use web service for appending PDF files to a PDF document. The performance of this command is much faster than using pure native iSeries methods.

Added PDFTIFAPPW command to use web service for appending TIFF files to a PDF document The performance of this command is much faster than using pure native iSeries methods.

Added PDFOPTW command to use web service for optimizing PDF files with Ghostscript.

Changed default timeout to 7200 for HTTP requests.



Changed CONVERROR parameter default to *NO for the PDFPRINT command. Some PDF documents generate font substitution messages which can be incorrectly interpreted as errors if the CONVERROR parameter were set to *YES.



Added PS2PDF command to convert Postscript file to PDF.

Added PDFROTATE command to rotate a landscape PDF to portrait mode. Ghostscript printing does not work well with Landscape PDF files, so we can now rotate them.

Added Rotate landscape pages setting to the PDFPRINT cmd to auto rotate landscape pages to portrait mode for printing.

Added PJL command parameters to PDFPRINT cmd.

MEDIASRC - Attempts to set the media source/paper input tray for the printer via the following PJL command: @PJL SET MEDIASOURCE=xxx

OUTBIN - Attempts to set the printer output bin for the printer via the following PJL command: @PJL SET OUTBIN=xxx MISCPJL - Attempts to set the passed PJL commands for the printer. Example formatted PJL command is listed below. All PJL must be passed: @PJL SET OUTBIN=1

Tweaked all RST commands to use ALWOBJDIF(*ALL) to insure old IFS objects get overlaid during the IFS object restore.



Added PDFPROTECT command to protect PDF files.



Added java versions of PDF merge/append.

PDFMERGEJ merges two PDF files.

PDFAPPENDJ appends a PDF to a new or existing PDF file.

PDFMULTJ - Merge multiple PDF files.

PDTJAVAEN restores the java runtimes for the PDF append commands.

NOTE: Removed RJSIFORMS reference from PDTJAVAENC program.



Added TOCODEPAGE parm to PDFAPPEND command. This allows copy to NFS server to work correctly as it would fail otherwise. We now pass TOCODEPAGE as 437 by default.



Added PDFAPPEND command to append to PDF.

Added -I switch internally to PDFAPPEND, PDFMERGE,PDFCOUNT, PDF2TIFF, TIFF2PDF so they can find fonts correctly on the IFS.

Changed PDFPRINTC from CLLE to CLP. Was oddly failing for no reason at all. Seemed like garbage was getting into the PASE command line string or something similar. Simply changing from CLLE to CLP solved the issue.

Added PDFPJL01 command to add duplex to stream when calling PDFPRINT with duplex opt.



Initial development release.

Merged library pieces into single install.

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