We will use the standard IBMi servers to talk to Robot SCHEDULE:

*CENTRAL (Central sever) 8470 (9470) as-central, ascentral
*DATABASE (Database server) 8471 (9471) as-database, asdatabase Provides data base access with SQL.
*DTAQ (Data queue server) 8472 (9472) as-dataq, asdtaq
*FILE (File server) 8473 (9473) as-file Used to access files in the IFS.
*NETPRT (Network Print server) 8474 (9474) as-netprt, asnetprt Used for the Spooled File Viewer.
*RMTCMD (Remote command server) 8475 (9475) as-rmtcmd, asrmtcmd Provides access to OS400 commands
*SIGNON (Sign-on server) 8476 (9476) as-signon, assignon
*SVRMAP (Port mapping server) 449 as-svrmap, assvrmap