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Skybot does support dynamic and static variables.  Skybot Variables can be used to store values that will be inserted into runtime environment variables for jobs.

The SETSV command instructs an Agent to set the value of a Skybot Variable on the Skybot Scheduler based on constants or current values of the environment variable with the same name. The Skybot Variable must exist on the Skybot Scheduler.

Usage: SETSV [-h] [-f config_file] [-v] <varname1[=value1]>

  • <varname> The name of the variable to be set. Quotes must be used when setting a value: 'name=value'

When the Skybot Variable is specified without a value, the value is taken from the environment variable with the same name.

Note: Skybot Variable names are case-sensitive while environment variable names are not case-insensitive.

Assign the value of an environment variable to a Skybot Variable:

  • set var1=12/12/2009
  • setsv VAR1

Skybot Variable 'VAR1' is assigned the value '12/12/2009'.  The value of Skybot Variables 'Var1', etc., are not changed.

Assign a Skybot Variable a literal value:

  • SETSV 'DAILY_LINEUP=24,13,17,901'
  • SETSV 'Pcodes=PAY1 PAY2'

More Examples:

  • SETSV -f agent2.xml 'VAR1=test'
  • SETSV -v 'VAR1=test'
  • SETSV -f agent2.xml -v 'VAR1=test'
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Thanks, it was helpful. Although it didn't work for me. 

This didn't work: SETSV 'DAILY_LINEUP=24,13,17,901'

But this did: SETSV "DAILY_LINEUP=24,13,17,901"




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