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Hi all, 


i have some problems on the configuration of next scenario. Suppose i have the following Jobs:

- JOBA ..... JOBN

- JOBWork


All JOBx are prerequisites to the JOBWork in "and condition".... Now i want that the JOBWork start not only when all n-prerequisites are meet, but also at, example, 9.30 of all days... Obviously is possible to create a new JOBY that start daily at 9.30, and add this job as prerequistite to JOBWork in or condition, but i need to maintain a clean situation.


I can't put JOBWork as a time scheduled job because, in this case, if all prerequisties are meet previously than 9:30 the JOBWork doesn't start.

Can you help me to find another solution than add a new job to this scenario?

Thank you all,



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Hello Stefano -


I am a little confused on what you want to do with the scheduling of this job. Creating a JOBY to run at 9:30 and using it as a prerequisite would be the same thing as setting JOBWork as scheduled at 9:30.

Lets say that you have JOBA "and" JOBN as prerequisites for JOBWork, and you have JOBWork scheduled at 9:30. JOBA finishes at 4:10 and JOBN complete at long as you do not have any job that clears prerequisite, then JOBWork will run normally at 9:30.

If JOBA finishes at 6:30 and JOBN does not run or fails, then at 9:30 JOBWork will not run.


I hope this makes sense. If you have additional questions, please let me know.

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Hello Sam,

thank you for the reply.

Considering the case you are talking, supposing that JOB_A,..,JOB_N are prerequisites for JOB_Work, and this one is scheduled at 9.30, JOB_Work doesn't start when all prerequisites are meet, but just at 9.30.

I would like to start JOB_Work when all prerequisites are meet AND ALSO at 9.30. Something like:

 - WHEN (JOB_A is true AND ... AND JOB_N is true) OR (TIME = 9.30) THEN START JOB_Work.

So, if all condition JOB_A,..,JOB_N are meet at 4.30, the JOB_Work must start at 4.30. But it has to start also at 9.30.


As i said is possible with the creation of a new "JOB_scheduled" and put this one as a new prerequisiste in OR condition, but i was asking if possibile to do this without create a new "JOB_Scheduled".


Thank you again,


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in order to run a job after pre-reqs have finished, and also run the job at 9:30 (regardless of the current pre-reqs) you would have to add this new job (JOB_Scheduled) as a pre-req with an 'OR'.  If you were just to add a time, as noted, the job would not run at all if the current pre-req jobs were not to complete before that time.


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