To be able to see each step of the script in the job log, the script will can be called via the command example below.


sh -x <script name>


echo this is a test script
echo grrrrrrr
ls -al >/home/fullerk/files/script.txt
echo script finished

This will generate the log as follows

Results in Log:

Starting process with command: /home/fullerk/hs0221/skybot/bin/AIX/powerpc64/robotterm -n su fullerk

fullerk's Password:
Uther:stty cols 10000
echo COMPLETED_1300466504439: $?
Uther:COMPLETED_1300466504439: 0
Uther:cd /home/fullerk
echo COMPLETED_1300466504549: $?
Uther:COMPLETED_1300466504549: 0
Uther:sh -x
echo COMPLETED_1300466504759: $?
+ echo this is a test script
this is a test script
+ echo grrrrrrr
+ echo ls -al
+ 1> /home/fullerk/files/script.txt
+ echo script finished
script finished
Uther:COMPLETED_1300466504759: 0