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When I install automate-scheduler, it creates a user (automate).

We used skybot previously and I'd like to use the skybot user and existing path (/opt/skybot) for the new version of Automate. We'd liek this to avoid creating several new scripts that use in the administration of our current skybot system

Is there a way to do this?



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There would not be a simple way to accomplish what you want, however,  when you update from Skybot to Automate, symlinks should be created so if you had hardcoded anything to point to /opt/skybot, they would now just link to /opt/automate-schedule.  the update will remove the skybot user and create a new automate user, there is no was to stop that process.

Now it might be possible that you could install Automate Schedule, let it create the automate user and install in /opt/automate-schedule.  You could then manually create the skybot user, rename the dir /opt/automate-schedule to /opt/skybot, change all ownership (of all files in /opt/skybot) to the skybot user, then edit some scripts to change lines that point to /opt/skybot (not sure how many there are off-hand) then hopefully it still all functions ok (it's not something we would test) Of course you would have to do this process for all future updates as the install code will still think you are on a Skybot version.  Then the only issue is that we will always assume the paths to be /opt/automate-schedule with a user automate on the system for any support queries we might send.

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Ok...sounds like the better option is to refactor our custom scripts....Thanks!

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