Use this procedure if you want to access the Skybot database for custom reports

On windows:

To access the database, what you need to do is use the tools designed for the Database (Postgres) for Windows server, this is a program called Pgadmin3.exe.  You can find it on the Windows server located:

 C:\Program Files (x86)\Skybot\Skybot Scheduler\pgsql\bin\pgadmin3.exe

 By default, security is setup that the database can only be accessed from the localhost.

 Once pgadmin3.exe has been launched, fill out the form - see fields below (or see attached screen shot):

Name - localhost

Host - localhost

Port - 7432

Maintenance DB - postgres

Username - Skybot

Password - schent2

Store password - check the box

The password is ‘schent2’ without the quotes. This will sign you on and you will be able to see the underlying database. 

We do not recommend working directly in the database as it circumvents all security and auditing in the product.  Also make sure you have backups of the database in case of the need to restore.


Step 1) Open the PSQL Shell

     Open a command window or shell

      Navigate to the install directory:

    Linux default: /opt/skybot/server

      Navigate to the “…\pgsql\bin” sub-directory

    Linux default: /pgsql/bin

     Run the “psql” executable:

psql --host=localhost --port=7432 --username=Skybot --dbname=schent2

 Enter password (“schent2”) if prompted…

     You should be at a prompt similar to:


Step 2) Create/Authorize a database user profile

       Run command to create a user

a.       CREATE USER user_name WITH PASSWORD 'myPassword';

      This command  will add authority to individual files:

a.       GRANT SELECT ON TABLE [table or tables] to user_name;

      Single Table Example:

a.        GRANT SELECT ON TABLE jobs to user_name;

   Multiple Table Example:

a.       GRANT SELECT ON TABLE command_sets, agent_environments to user_name;

To exit PSQL shell enter “\q”  (backslash q).

Step 3) Optional: Configure Remote Access if needed.

       Stop Skybot server and Database

      Edit text file:  “<install_path>\pgsql\data\ pg_hba.conf”

a.       Under the “# IPv4 local connections:” section…

b.      Add this line: “host    schent2         user_name      from_IP_name_or_address                  md5”