SAP NetWeaver™ Overview Skybot Scheduler makes it easy to run your SAP jobs, create System Definitions, run intercepted jobs, and create ABAP Steps for your SAP jobs. Use SAP NetWeaver™ to create jobs (referred to as SAP jobs in this user guide), then use Skybot Scheduler to manage intercepted jobs, define Job Definitions, and create ABAP Step Sets.

The SAP Business Suite is based on NetWeaver.  Essentially any SAP product that is based on NetWeaver is can be used with Skybot.

If only scheduling jobs to run ABAP programs, this can done without installing an Agent on the SAP server.

Scheduling external commands/programs, can be done by installing an Agent on the SAP server where the commands/programs exist.  Schedule the Skybot job like you would for any other command or program, except this will run on the SAP server (Windows/Unix/Linux, etc.).