Will see an error like this in the joblog.

Error connecting to SAP System xxxxx (where xxxxx is the system definition name)


For Group/Server Selection connections:

Set the ‘Message Server:’ to either the host name or the IP of the Message Server in the SAP System.

(on our system it is on the same one server so it is animal or its IP)

Set the ‘Group/Server:’ to the name of the SAP Logon group to connect with.

(on our system the SAP Logon group name is also animal)

Set the ‘System ID:’ to the SAP System ID.
(on our system it is ABC)


The follow entry must be in the services file (typical windows location is C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\services and typical Linux/Unix location is /etc/services) on each system that will connect to the SAP system.  This includes the Skybot Server and any Agents that may run tasks (jobs, process chains, events, variant changes) on the SAP system:

sapms??? 3601/tcp

Where ??? is the SAP System ID.

(on our system it is ABC)


This is required because when a group connection is made, the API makes a connection to the SAP message server on whatever port is configured for the named service using the IP of the Message Server entry and the System ID.

For example, for our test system with the Message Server animal (resolves to IP and System ID ABC, the API checks for what port sapmsABC is set to.  Typically it is 3601, but it is possible for the SAP message server to be set to listen on a different port.  It then uses this information to make a connection to the SAP message server using and requests information on the Logon group named animal.  The information returned tells the API which SAP server (within the SAP system of servers defined in the logon group) the connection should be made to for load balancing purposes.