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I have created my first dashboard, showing a single view (of all jobs on the system in MSGW), and set it to refresh every 60 seconds.

When run through Viewpoint, all works fine.  When accessed via SWI, however, and the view returns no records, the dashboard displays an error message.


How can I suppress this, since this is actually the state I want it to be in most of the time...?


Many thanks for your help!

Posted Wed, 11 Jul 2018 02:50:43 GMT by

Hi Dan,

This is a great question and you weren't the only one who noticed this, so we have made a change to the Dashboards. Now when you first display a Dashboard or a Dashboard refreshes and there is no data to display you will not see an error - instead you will see the outline of the view window with a message that there were no records returned. I have included a screen shot.

In order to take advantage of these changes please upgrade your Sequel product (which will automatically upgrade SWI and ESEND). We are currently shipping version R11M11 of Sequel and it can be downloaded right from this Portal.

Thanks for using the Forum to ask your question!

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