Posted Tue, 19 Jul 2022 20:37:29 GMT by Cody S.
Hey, everyone.

Sequel objects like SQLVIEWP seem to have an option to close & reprompt so you can easily rerun the report. You can normally find this option by clicking on File menu -> then click on Close & Reprompt, or by clicking the dedicated button for it. Sequel script objects/SQLSCRIPTP, on the other hand, don't seem to have this option available. Is there a setting or option I'm missing in order to make it available?

Posted Fri, 21 Apr 2023 14:00:18 GMT by Rich Galeba
If you wish to create a prompted script that can be reprompted.&#160; Consider using a SCRIPTVIEW.<br> <br> See page-385 if the ViewPoint user guide installed in the /sequel viewpoint directory on your pc.<br> <br> Script Views<br> By combining the multi-step processing power of a standard script with the output flexibility of a<br> Sequel View, a script view can run almost any multi-step process behind the scenes, and provide<br> single-click output to display, print, create files and more. (In standard script you have to hard<br> code the output using a command at the end of the script like DISPLAY, PRINT, EXECUTE, and so<br> on)<br> Using the new command SCRETURN as the final statement, a script view will return a single, final<br> result set of data—just like a view. Because a script view ‘acts’ like a view, you can direct its<br> output from the Viewpoint Explorer with the same ease that you can with a Sequel view. Rightclick<br> a script view and select display or print, create IBM i or remote database tables, save PC<br> results locally or on the IFS and more. This gives your scripts a level of flexibility they never had<br> before.<br> In addition to the output options above, you can:<br> l Easily join data from across multiple supported databases to bring all of your enterprise<br> data together in one object.<br> l Add a script view to a Dashboard and it acts like a view by displaying the results—even<br> after processing multiple steps or joining across databases like a script.<br> l Add powerful presentation capabilities to results by designing host or client reports over a<br> script view.<br> l View script output in Sequel Web Interface just as you would a view.

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