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We need to bring in text files and excel spreadsheets from our sales reps on a daily basis and return a new spreadsheet to each after our nightly update which merges transaction and history data with this daily activity data. We are currently doing this with a lot of manual intervention and custom coding. Can your product handle this, how easy is it?


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Hi Christine

This is very easy to do in RODIN.

The challenge with text files is of course that there is no 'column' information in the file. So RODIN provides wizards to allow you to easily describe the data. For delimited files it is fairly easy as the delimiters identify the columns. RODIN inspects the data and makes a guess at the data type and other attributes. You can then edit this if necessary. If there is a header row that can be used to name the columns.

Fixed length text files are a little more work in that you need to place markers over the data to define the columns. Again RODIN guesses at the data type. See the screenshots below and you'll get the idea.

Once described the text file can be accessed in and ETL process just as if it was a real table as the RODIN metadata now holds the column details.
Excel files are just as easy. In this case you can select the spreadsheet columns to be pulled, and even use SQL to select the rows to be processed.
The above process are a once only set-up step for each new source of data.

The RODIN ETL process allows you to manipulate and merge this text or Excel data with any other data as needed and load it into RODIN tables. Data from these RODIN tables can then be exported to text files (fixed or delimited) or an Excel spreadsheet at the click of a button - or you can automate this to happen every day after all ETL process have completed.

I hope that answers your question. Let us know if you want to set up a demonstration to see how easy it is.

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