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I read that you can load data warehouse tables in real time, but I need to load several different aggregate tables as well as detail. How does the roll-up work from a real-time perspective? I would think when each record hit the detail table, you need to rebuild the aggregate (summary) tables? I need this to be real time.


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Hi Nathan

The short answer is - no problem! RODIN easily handles real-time updates to any number of detail or summary tables. We don't need to roll-up or otherwise rebuild the summaries.

Hope that helps!


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Hey Nathan,

Just to add to the previous response:

1) Real-Time load requires the operational tables to be journaled, and RODIN change data capture active. You probably already are aware of that but just wanted to ensure you had the complete picture.

2) You can even push any data captured in real time out to tables on another platform (Oracle, SQL Server etc), also in real-time. B)


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