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How do I set up a robot job from I-series/as400  to the kick off a .bat file on the Informatica TDM server. The robot agent is installed on the informatica server.



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Robot jobs run on a Windows server will need to be created using the Robot Schedule gui. They will be called Agent jobs.

For first time setup, I recommend using the Job setup wizard found as a Gear icon, at the top of the window.  The wizard will walk you through necessary setup info.  

The .bat exe will be run under the Command Entry panel.



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I'm not sure we have the gui job setup wizard. We have Robot release V13 I believe. Would the RBTRLCCLIB/RCLEXEC CLIENT(XXX) work?

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Robot Schedule gui can be found under Downloads

There will be a downloadable .exe is called Robot Schedule GUI for Windows.  This is a graphical interface used on your Windows PC to access Robot Schedule on the iSeries.

The RBTRLCCLIB/RCLEXEC CLIENT(XXX) is a command used in Robot Client, and no longer used in Schedule Enterprise.  There is a BIF, Built in Functions under the Command Entry panel that can be used to transfer files.  This is also where you can enter your .bat exe command to run.


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Thanks for your quick responses, by the way.

We don't have Schedule Enterprise. Would this gui download work in our version?


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 The gui will still work, but you will need Schedule Enterprise to interact with other Windows Servers (Agents).

Schedule Enterprise is an add on feature to Robot Schedule.

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