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Hi, please can you help me with question?

Actually we have couple of different definitions for our Robot/SCHEDULE.

- IBMi - OS 7.2 & 7.3

- R12M08 & R12M10

Of course that depends strongly on concrete amount of scheduled jobs and history/audit definition, but is there available any list of files and what interact with their size.

Small installation defined as:

- file RBTLE = 29M / file RBTLF = 73M / library ROBOTLIB = 642M

Big installation defined as:

- file RBTLE = 778M / file RBTLF = 4046M / library ROBOTLIB = 7879M

Looking for any kind of information and file maintenance options.

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Hello David,

SCHEDULE Audit Files are all in ROBTLIB and are

They are maintained by option 5 Delete Audit Log on the Audit Menu and this controls the number of
days to keep the Audit Logs for.

Of course the number of recorda added each day depends on the number of the jobs being run in the product and
also the number of changes being made.


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Hello Steve,

thank you for explanation. As you understand we are interested in defined interval for audit log and to keep it online with some kind of automatic maintenance. Actually in connection to maintenance one question. 

Example for one our partition - files looks like following. Days to keep 7.  And not so nice in connection to Deleted records. As part of Robot/SCHEDULE restart should we include manual file Reorganization?

File / Library / Current number of records / number of deleted records
RBTLF / ROBOTLIB / 125.920 / 2.864.212
RBTLQ / ROBOTLIB / 0 / 1.357.445
RBTLE / ROBOTLIB / 76.676 / 1.282.607
RBTLJ / ROBOTLIB / 61.945 / 1.179.871



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