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I have a programmer with a question on why a reactive job ran before the dependent job did.

 This involves 4 jobs, but the issue is with the last 2 jobs with the EX name:

  • JOBA– runs DAILY at 03:50
  • JOBB – Runs DAILY at 08:00
  • REACTA – scheduled on Monday as reactive to JOBA AND JOBB. No times configured
  • REACTB  - scheduled Monday at 08:25 and also reactive to REACTA


  • JOBA ended at 04:10
  • JOBB ended at 08:34
  • REACTA – did not start until 08:34, finished at 08:44
  • REACTB  - started to run at 08:25 even though REACTA had not run yet

 I know in the past we've had times where jobs with a time and reactive job just didn't run because the reactive job was still running, but this is the 1st time I've seen a dependent job run BEFORE the reactive job even ran. 

In the meantime, they've pushed the start time of REACTB back to 10:00 in order to keep it from happening again

I see this entry in the audit log, changing DEPJCD from C to BLANK,causing REACTB  to run, but REACTA hadn’t begun to run yet. I've posted the after portion of the audit log under the 


01/28/19  08:25:01  RBTDEP     Update  RBT635      617228/RBTUSER/ROBOT

KYTIME 000000005979
DEPKEY 000000005177
DEPDTE 1190121





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Most times when something like this happens we find the prereq job has been run out of order and causes a completion code to be there unexpectedly. When all prereq are met, the job will react. Once it reacts, the codes are cleared automatically to get ready for the next time.

For example, if someone did a DO on REACTA that completion code would be there. REACTB will have its prereq met and react at 8:25 when it is scheduled.  

Here is what the DO action looks like in the audit log when viewing via green screen. User ROXY did the DO on job ROXTEST from a GUI session.

01/29/19  09:04:33             UsrAct  RBT645      697529/QUSER/QZRCSRVS (ROXY)
                        STD0300    Job ROXTEST 000000000443 was executed with schedule override code DO.                                          

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