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I have 10 Reactive groups with 5 running every day and 5 running only 5 days a week. The first group kicks off at 10 am and the others are reactive with a time set so that they won't start until that time. I tried to use OPAL to SKIP running each of the group jobs on Friday and Saturday for 5 of the groups but it didn't work.

I tried blanking out Friday and Saturday on the Run Days and that didn't work either.

The only way I've been able to accomplish this is to create a new Robot job to hold all the jobs in the groups Friday morning and then releasing all the jobs in the groups on Sunday morning.

I cannot split these into 2 separate reactivity streams because they all have to have their set time.

Has anyone used OPAL to prevent a job from running on a certain day of the week?


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Hi Marit,

Try using the 'Special Instance' feature for the Reactive group.  This will allow you to choose days to react to the prereq Group job.

From the Job Schedule List, take an option 7. for the Reactive Jobs panel, and then opt. 3 next to the prereq job.  


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You could use opal and use day and week numbers...

Day 1 - Sunday

Day 2 - Monday

Day 3 Tuesday   etc

IF      ACTJOB         EQ          DSP01                         
                       PAGE         ** Prompt to see command **   (sends email to ops that job skipped)
IF      DAY            EQ          3                             
AND     WEEKNO         EQ          1                             
                       PAGE         ** Prompt to see command **  

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The OPAL is a good idea however the day numbering in OPAL starts with 1 for Monday, so Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday would be 2,3,4 respectively.




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