Posted Wed, 22 Jun 2022 14:43:47 GMT by John Poon

Robot Schedule is a critical application for us.
We are planning to upgrade Robot Schedule to the latest Version 13.13 from Version 10.10.
We are on V7R3M0.

Did anyone have any major issues after the upgrade? 

Thank you and really appreciate any info you have on this matter, 
Posted Tue, 09 Aug 2022 17:32:48 GMT by Tom Conroy International Union of Operating Engineers Local 825 Consultant
John,<br> <br> We are in the same boat here, although out Robot Schedule version is 11.07 and we want to go to 13.14..&nbsp;<br> We are also on V7R3M0.<br> <br> Did you ever do the upgrade to 13.13?&nbsp;<br> Did you eventually contact support for your answers as no one responded here?<br> If you did the upgrade, did it go smoothly?<br> <br> Any info appreciated?<br> <br> Thanks,<br> Tom&nbsp;<br> &nbsp;

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