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I have a job that runs monthly based on a date object.  I have a second job that runs 24/7.   I want the second job to skip running if the first job IS running.

   I started to create an OPAL object...but how do I key the IF to the state of the date object?
 Operand    Variable        Operation                 Operation                               Seq
  IF              DAYMTH          EQ                     FSS_XXXDR                             10
  AND         SYSTIME          GE                              0800                                  20
  OR           SYSTIME           LE                              2100                                  30




This, does not work...

Posted Wed, 17 Feb 2021 04:26:20 GMT by

I figured it out. Anyone who comes across this and wonders...this worked:


 Operand       Variable         Operation             Operation Values                        Seq
         IF          DATEOBJ        EQ                        FSS_XXXDR                             10
         AND     SYSTIME         GE                                 0800                                  20
         OR       SYSTIME          LE                                 2100                                  30
                                                                                     SKIP                                 40

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